Family, Corporate, Personal, Health and Artistic Retreats are all welcome!

Our remote but easily accessible location is ideal for small groups (20 - 50 people) who desire an intimate venue for private gatherings. We offer few distractions (no televisions or radios but we do have access to phones and WiFi) If you're looking for a grassroots experience with a focus on the great outdoors and unobtrusive staff facilitation, we have exactly what you need!   

Bow Lake has always attracted artists, environmental enthusiasts and athletes alike. The clear light and sharp peaks have inspired many. Carl Rungius was a regular visitor to the Lodge in the earlier days, encouraging Jimmy to try his own hand with the brush.  Though Jimmy did eventually take up the brush at his friends encouragement he first found his inspiration and vigor for life by simply enjoying the area for its beauty, wonder and adventure.  So whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, poet or someone who is seeking peace and light in a natural setting and are interested in take that step just outside our front door to find that inspirational spark join us!