Welcome to Num-Ti-Jah

It's hard to describe really... this place and what it does to you... The Canadian Rockies.

As we walk the streets of the city, our subconscious gratifies us. We're so quick to praise ourselves for the accomplishments of our species. "My people built this." The phone in our hand, the skyscrapers overhead, the latte that our forefathers never knew... these commodities feed our ego. Streetlights light our path from corner to corner, hiding the stars from us, subduing the very wonder that once brought us the light. 

But here... when you put the down selfie stick (for sale in the Trading Post!!! ;)) just long enough to recognize the grandeur of Crowfoot, the Milky Way spilling from its peak, the only disruptions are your intermittent breaths in the crisp mountain air, you experience that humbling once more; that wonder that inspires you to once again create, to build your own mountain, to conquer your self-suppression or to fall in love for real... This place does that. This place consumes you and spits you out as another human being. It's certainly done that to me.

Safe Travels and we'll see you soon!

Fraser Cameron


 Photo: Michael MacDonald

Photo: Michael MacDonald